In English

Hi, I am Tuomas Hiltunen, a 25-year-old mathematics student and candidate for the municipal parliament of the City of Joensuu from the list of the Left Alliance party. I am from Nurmes but I have lived in Joensuu for five years. My hobbies are orienteering, skiing, cycling, spectator sports (especially football), reading, gym, listening to music and association activity. My political experience stems mainly from student and youth politics. I was vice-chair of the executive board of the Student union of University of Eastern Finland in 2015. I have been active in the student union in various other positions as well. I’ve been active in the Left youth of Finland, Left students of Finland and the Green-left of Eastern Finland for a few years.

Social equity and sustainable development are the most important political affairs for me. My main themes in these municipal elections are education, housing and the environment. Quality education creates conditions for well-being and vitality for the future of Joensuu. Every child has to have the right to child care regardless of their parents’ employment situation. There’s a lot of university students in Joensuu. In my opinion the City of Joensuu should exploit university students’ know-how for the benefit of the whole area of Joensuu more than it does.

There aren’t enough small apartments in Joensuu. The city of Joensuu has to zone more small apartments to central areas of Joensuu. More public rental-apartments have to be built in Joensuu and 300 student apartments in addition to those already zoned. Joensuu has to be fossil-free by 2025. It requires reduction of emissions from traffic, industry and district heating. Environmental aspects have to be considered in all decision-making of the City of Joensuu. There has to be cheaper bus connections in Joensuu. Conditions for cycling and walking have to be better especially in the central area of Joensuu. Parks and forests of population centers have to be conserved.